We admit that quality shoes are hard to find. In fact, the chance that you would have quality and comfort in the same sentence is slim. Taskolad Footwear is about to change the narrative.

We want Nigerians all over the world to feel as comfortable as they can be in any kind of footwear.

This is why we are careful about our processes and final product delivery. We yearn to bring customer satisfaction that will reverberate all through the entire world.

We want to see people walk in style without pain and stress. We want to have people use their footwear for as long as they want to. This isn’t just an ordinary footwear company, this is a statement, a vision, and a constantly evolving process.

If you would like, we invite you to assist us in redefining your steps. No more boring shoes, no more painful edges. A trial is all you need and we are done talking.