How Fashionable is Wearing Socks on Sandals?

My first thought is to say, no, no…oh please don’t make us see that. To me, it is a really bad look, something I used to refer as wardrobe malfunction. I realized later that the style is actually subjective.

I could remember a lady customer once made a sandal from our store, and I was utterly surprised when she sent her pictures to me with the sandal and socks. She looked awesome, and that also changed my perception about a style some called a faux pas.

But then, I think back to the people I have known in my life who had made the choice to wear what some see as archaic, and I actually adore these people. David Beckham is one of these figures, and for those who are familiar with his personality, you can never say he got such fashion wrong.

If we also look at some pregnant women as well as heart failure patients whose shoes no longer fit, sometimes these people just need a way to walk in comfort.

So who am I to judge what another person needs to do to make it in this sometimes, painful world?

A friend once told me that “You need socks even more when wearing sandals. Little pebbles and dirt get in much more easily with sandals. With socks, you combine the convenience of sandals with some form of protection. Fashion without function is not sustainable”. And I do agree with him to some extents.

While another female friend said “I don’t usually go with trend. I go with what suites me. If one day, I put on socks with sandals and I found comfort in it, then it becomes a part of it”. Personally, I am also looking forward to join the gang of this fashion one day.

At the end of the day, the only person’s opinion that matters is yours. If you want to wear socks with sandals, there’s nothing stopping you. And if anyone complains about that, tell them to put a sock in it.

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