The Kind of Shoes You Should Never Buy

The Kind of Shoes You Should Never Buy

The Kind of Shoes You Should Never Buy

There is this popular saying that good shoes take you to good places.

As cliche as that saying is, it is also good to note that there is a level of confidence you exude when you wear good shoes. I mean good, well-crafted and well-polished shoes that are carefully selected to suit your attire.

They just don’t complement your outfit, they also add some level of respect to your personality.

We cannot preach about wearing good shoes without talking about how to wear them appropriately, what kind of shoes to buy or not to buy.

Let’s take flat shoes for example.

They should be worn with properly hemmed clothes. Your clothing needs to be well-tailored or you will risk looking sloppy.

A trouser leg should fall at or above the ankle, while skirts or dresses should end above the knee.

No matter how much you love to own a pair of shoes, if you know you can’t walk in them, don’t buy them. Limping around in heels or shoes that are too tight is decidedly ungraceful.

In all your buying, know what you’re looking for, know what suits you and go all out for it.

Lastly, take care of your shoes as much as you take care of your clothes. Always keep them neat and in a well-aerated environment. It makes them last longer and reduces the number of times you have to replace them.

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How do you really feel when you wear good shoes?

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