Useful Tips on How to Arrange Your Shoe Rack

Useful Tips on How to Arrange Your Shoe Rack

Useful Tips on How to Arrange Your Shoe Rack

Do you have a shoe rack or how often do you arrange your shoes?

When was the last time you tidied up your rack?

Ok, before we bombard you with a lot of questions, let’s talk about the need to store your shoes the right way.

Your shoe collection can easily get out of hand if not properly managed. The more shoes you acquire, the more tedious they become to store.

When it comes to storing shoes, the first instinct is to chuck them on the floor of your closet. This is wrong because it doesn’t give enough room to properly arrange them in order of priority. You just flop them over each other.

Your shoes should be arranged in categories and based on how often you need them, their sizes and length.

Shoes like stilettos, party shoes or any kind of shoes you know hardly wear should be placed on top of your rack. Aside from the fact that they beautify the space, it also gives room for them to breathe as most of them are quite too high to be below the rack.


Secondly, your slippers should be on the second row as they are considered as your most sort after footwear.

Your flat shoes and sandals should be properly arranged in another section.

Work shoes should also be separated from your everyday shoe.


Before you say how many shoes do I even have, have you ever taken conscious effort to count? Lol

After counting, you may discover the ones you need to discard or replace.

Just as we get emotionally attached to humans, we also get emotionally attached to some of our shoes. Some of them don’t fit anymore or are already worn out but we still hold on to them and refuse to discard them.

Don’t make your rack look tacky because of your emotional attachment. Discard those worn-out shoes. Fix the ones that need to be fixed and keep your rack as tidy as possible.

Remember this, you paid money for those shoes so treat them well.

We hope this article was helpful.

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